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  1. Image for This Stock Wants to Become the Ubiquitous Payments Network for the $800 Billion Trucking Industry

    This Stock Wants to Become the Ubiquitous Payments Network for the $800 Billion Trucking Industry

    By: Bram Berkowitz The trucking industry has continued growing as the demand for e-commerce has shot up in recent years, becoming even more mainstream. The trucking industry now accounts for $800 billion of gross domestic product. However, the industry is quite fragmented among shippers, carriers, individual truckers, freight brokers, factoring…

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  2. Image for Smartest Person in the Room

    Smartest Person in the Room

    When I was younger, I expected that my knowledge of computers and programming would instantly earn me respect. I thought I lived in a meritocratic world where promising ideas would rise to the top themselves. I was shocked and surprised when I didn’t immediately gain the respect of my…

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  3. Image for Showing Up

    Showing Up

    Business motivational words on a book – Don’t decrease the goal. Increase the effort. A flat lay concept with cup of coffee, a book, pen and laptop on white and yellow table background. When I was a kid, I loved to play soccer. It was by far my favorite…

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  4. Image for Consider the data security of your payment process

    Consider the data security of your payment process

    By TriumphPay Chief Technology Officer Mike Mangino and Chief Product Officer Garrett Wolfe In the United States, the trucking ecosystem is based on a trust-but-verify model when it comes to ensuring that services are completed successfully within the bounds of an agreement. Further, constituents have historically remained very guarded of…

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  5. Image for In Her Own Words: Melissa Forman looks out for truck drivers

    In Her Own Words: Melissa Forman looks out for truck drivers

    The pandemic turned front-line workers into everyday heroes. Some, however, received less attention than others. Melissa Forman understands truckers and literally helps them keep rolling. “When the pandemic first hit, we all appreciated the workers on the frontlines of Covid, including the doctors and nurses, the store associates at those…

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  6. Image for Attitude


    Close-up of hand using scissors cutting the word on paper, “I can’t” becomes “I can”. “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” ━ Henry Ford In the seven and half years since we started a business together, Michael Niessner and I…

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  7. Image for Health


    I love sports. In fact, you might even say I’m a little bit obsessed. I played football on the offensive line in high school for a year (before I learned I was better suited for computer programming.) I’ve always had a special place in my heart for offensive linemen. A…

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  8. TriumphPay Appoints Melissa Forman to President

    Forman promoted to lead innovation in creating best-in-class payment solutions for the freight industry DALLAS, April 19, 2022 — TriumphPay, a division of TBK Bank, SSB, today announced the promotion of its senior vice president, chief strategy officer Melissa Forman to the position of president. As president, Forman is responsible…

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  9. Image for Dallas-based Triumph Bancorp Reshuffles Executive Team with Four Key Promotions

    Dallas-based Triumph Bancorp Reshuffles Executive Team with Four Key Promotions

    Dallas-based Triumph Bancorp is reorganizing its executive management team, with four promotions across its corporate, banking and payments technology business units. Ed Schreyer, who previously ran trucking industry payments platform TriumphPay, becomes chief operating officer of Triumph Bancorp and its primary operating subsidiary, TBK Bank. Triumph Bancorp is a financial…

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  10. Image for 3 reasons why brokers choose TriumphPay

    3 reasons why brokers choose TriumphPay

    Booking freight may be brokers’ primary trade, but building and maintaining carrier relationships is their forte. Fostering connections is crucial in garnering success in this industry — anyone can book a load with carriers, but it takes a bit of skill to get them to keep coming back. Charisma only…

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  11. Image for TriumphPay Audit onboarding customers; platform reduces industry payment inefficiency

    TriumphPay Audit onboarding customers; platform reduces industry payment inefficiency

    TriumphPay announced that in January, the payment platform division of TBK Bank, SSB, had successfully beta tested TriumphPay’s full open payments network, leveraging recent technology investments to provide an undisclosed number of remittances between two payors and five payees from initial invoicing to final payment. After TriumphPay acquired cloud-based automation software…

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  12. TriumphPay Announces Next Step for the Payments Network for Trucking

    TriumphPay’s Payment Network Frictionless Transactions Solve Transportation Payments Invoice Inefficiencies Several of the Nation’s Largest Freight Brokers, Shippers, Factors and Carriers Join The Network: Frictionless Transactions to Solve Transportation Industry’s Invoicing Inefficiencies DALLAS, Mar. 3, 2022 — TriumphPay, a division of TBK Bank, SSB, today announced a significant milestone…

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  13. Image for Be Curious

    Be Curious

    Two coworkers having a discussion in the office I love meeting customers. It’s one of my favorite parts of my job. Our customers are incredible at coming up with solutions and workflows to help their companies succeed. It’s exciting to help them use technology to make these processes…

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  14. Image for 4 reasons why factors turn to TriumphPay

    4 reasons why factors turn to TriumphPay

    By Tim Valdez, senior vice president, factor leader at TriumphPay The trucking industry is moving at a pace faster than most could have imagined a little over a decade ago. This has given way to an arms race of sorts, as companies push for the latest in FreightTech to gain…

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  15. Image for Revolutionizing Payments – Join Us!

    Revolutionizing Payments – Join Us!

    The for-hire truckload market in the U.S. will be approximately 250 million loads this year. The average invoice size we are seeing in January 2022 is well over $2,000, which is the highest we have ever seen.  Margins are as high as they have ever been in the trucking industry, but…

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  16. How Can I Help

    Making the transition from working at a small startup to a publicly-traded bank has been quite the adjustment. Inside of a startup, there are very few roles. For example, I was the one who ordered laptops for new employees. At TriumphPay, there is a team member who does that. When…

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  17. Image for TriumphPay Calls Out Achievement of First Fully Automated Factoring Payments

    TriumphPay Calls Out Achievement of First Fully Automated Factoring Payments

    TriumphPay, the payment and processing arm of Triumph Bancorp, has completed its first round of what it is calling “conforming transactions,” in which the infrastructure it has built organically and through the acquisition last year of HubTran completed a fully automated “soup to nuts” factoring payment. CEO Aaron…

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  18. Image for 3 Bank Stocks to Buy in 2022

    3 Bank Stocks to Buy in 2022

    By: Bram Berkowitz – Jan 7, 2022 at 6:30AM Banks are expected to outperform this year with interest rates likely to tick up. Bank stocks are expected to outperform in 2022, largely because the Federal Reserve is projected to raise interest rates this year, which benefits most banks. The economy…

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  19. Image for Automation needed to navigate ‘new normal’

    Automation needed to navigate ‘new normal’

    TriumphPay makes transportation payments as easy as swiping a credit card It’s true, you’re only as strong as your weakest link. Even the smallest inefficiencies can profoundly disrupt shipments, which sets off ripple effects that ultimately reach the end consumer, the most visible part of the supply chain. It goes…

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  20. Happiness in the Workplace

    Early in my career, I would bounce from job to job. I would start a job excited and ready to improve the world. Then, I would gradually become less enthusiastic about my work. Eventually, I would start looking for greener grass elsewhere. I believed that if I could just find…

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  21. Organizational Empathy

    Most of us have interacted with a company whose employees seemed as if they were just going through the motions. Maybe you’ve called customer service to ask a question about a purchase, and the agent only seemed interested in getting you off the phone. Or perhaps the employees worked for…

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  22. Image for Triumph’s Graft: The concept is proved; on to producing revenue at TriumphPay

    Triumph’s Graft: The concept is proved; on to producing revenue at TriumphPay

    On earnings call with analysts, CEO says $75 billion/$100 million processing-revenue target is next waypoint by: John Kingston – October 22, 2021 With another quarter under Triumph Bancorp’s belt, CEO Aaron Graft gave the world an update on the company’s plans to dominate the processing of factored payments. The metrics…

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  23. Searching for Goldilocks

    As agile practices have taken over the world of software development, the amount of planning done by teams has shifted. Many teams have moved from a waterfall process with an overabundance of planning to lightweight processes with almost no planning. Finding the right spot on this continuum is difficult.

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  24. Image for Is it lights out for supply chain?

    Is it lights out for supply chain?

    by: Timothy Dooner – September 28, 2021 Anarchy in the U.K. — Gasoline panic-buying has our friends across the pond looking like a reflection of the U.S. during the Colonial Pipeline hack. Reuters reports, “Britain’s transport minister pleaded with motorists on Tuesday to stop filling up old water bottles with fuel at…

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  25. Image for TriumphPay reaches $16B payment milestone, adds factoring veteran to leadership

    TriumphPay reaches $16B payment milestone, adds factoring veteran to leadership

    CEO transitions to strategic adviser alongside CEO of TBK Bank by: Grace Sharkey – September 28, 2021 TriumphPay, a division of TBK Bank and member of Triumph Bancorp Inc. Group (NASDAQ:TBK), announced on Tuesday it has exceeded $16 billion in annualized payments volume for Q3 of…

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  26. TriumphPay Announces Payments Milestone and Additions to Executive Leadership Team

    Dallas – Sept. 28, 2021 – TriumphPay, a division of TBK Bank, SSB, today announced its annualized payments volume for the third quarter of 2021 will exceed $16 billion, making it the largest payor in brokered freight. Concurrent to this announcement, TriumphPay announced a strategic enhancement and realignment of its…

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  27. TriumphPay Appoints Tim Valdez as SVP, Factor Leader

    Factoring veteran Valdez tapped to lead factor vertical of the payments network for trucking Dallas – Sept. 28, 2021 – TriumphPay, a division of TBK Bank, SSB, announced today the appointment of Tim Valdez as senior vice president, factor leader. In his role, Valdez will drive the strategy, vision, and…

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  28. Get up from the computer!

    My neighbors joke that my real job must be walking dogs. After all, they see me walk by their houses 3 or 4 times each day with dogs leashed in front of me. In many ways, they are right. After all, you’ll hear developers talk about using the right tool…

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  29. Image for Transfix partners with TriumphPay for seamless carrier payments

    Transfix partners with TriumphPay for seamless carrier payments

    Payment platform manages carriers’ back-office processes by: Grace Sharkey – June 30, 2021 Christian Lee, the newly appointed CFO of Transfix, says it’s important to build a resilient environment not only for shippers but for carrier partners as well. “Working with Transfix has to be an experience that’s better for…

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  30. Image for BravoTran spins off from HubTran, sets sights on freight forwarding efficiencies

    BravoTran spins off from HubTran, sets sights on freight forwarding efficiencies

    CEO says its technology will be based on much of what made HubTran attractive to Triumph, but with differences necessary for the forwarding sector by: John Kingston – June 9, 2021 A spinoff from the recent acquisition of HubTran by the TriumphPay subsidiary of Triumph Bancorp (NASDAQ: TBK) is setting up…

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  31. TriumphPay announces closing of previously announced HubTran acquisition

    DALLAS – June 1, 2021 – TriumphPay, a division of TBK Bank, SSB, announced today that it has closed the previously announced acquisition of HubTran, a cloud-based provider of automation software for the transportation industry’s back-office. “Today is a momentous day for our company and our team members,” said TriumphPay…

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  32. Faster Feedback

    If you’re a developer who has done TDD, you probably know what a big difference fast running tests make. By isolating your code and limiting dependencies, you can get quicker feedback which allows you to make progress more quickly. At HubTran, we’re using that same concept of rapid feedback as…

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  33. Self-Selection in Hiring

    “I appreciate getting to know you, but I’ve decided not to accept your job offer.” As a hiring manager, those words used to strike fear in me, but they shouldn’t have. In many cases, having a candidate say no is even better than having them accept. Facebook has been…

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  34. Foreign Keys and Indexes

    This is a really exciting post for me to write. For the first time in quite a while, I’m writing about something technical! At HubTran, we’ve found supportability to be an incredibly important part of writing software. We have a BackupIntegrationFile model that stores every file we receive and send as part…

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  35. Assumptions and Confidence

    Over the last few years, Michael Niessner and I have spent a lot of time looking at patterns that predict the success and failure of both software products and software engineers. We’ve done this both to improve our success rate at HubTran, but also to help us understand how to…

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  36. Starting with Value

    I’ve been working on our 7 minute demo for the FreightWaves Transparency 19 conference. You might think that as CTO I would focus on the cool technology here at HubTran. While we have great technology like Elm on the front end, I won’t be mentioning…

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  37. Image for Arrive Logistics launches Carrier EDGE, partners with TriumphPay

    Arrive Logistics launches Carrier EDGE, partners with TriumphPay

    Portal is accessible on desktop, tablet and smartphones by: Grace Sharkey – May 18, 2021 On Tuesday, Arrive Logistics, a freight brokerage based in Austin, Texas, launched an online freight portal called Carrier EDGE and a partnership with TriumphPay, both aimed at creating an elevated experience…

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  38. TriumphPay announces agreement to acquire HubTran

    DALLAS –April 1, 2021 – TriumphPay, a division of TBK Bank, SSB, announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire HubTran, a cloud-based provider of automation software for the transportation industry’s back-office. “Combining TriumphPay and HubTran will allow us to create a fully integrated payments network…

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  39. TriumphPay Appoints Ed Schreyer as Chief Operating Officer

    TriumphPay, a division of TBK Bank, SSB, announced today the appointment of Ed Schreyer as chief operating officer of the division. Schreyer will officially join TriumphPay in early March and will report to its chief executive officer, Jordan Graft. As chief operating officer, Schreyer will be responsible for TriumphPay’s day-to-day…

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  40. January Product Release Notes

    January 12, 2020: Bug Fixes Users logging into are being incorrectly redirected causing login issues. This has been resolved.

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  41. December Product Release Notes

    December 22, 2020 Enhancements ·        If the only the due date and not approved date is provided on the invoice, then the back-calculated approved date will not be displayed to the carrier. ·        Add column for the credit note’s invoice number on payout report. This is different than the invoice’s invoice #…

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  42. TriumphPay Named in FreightWaves FreightTech 25 for 2021

    The FreightTech 100 Awards are based on nominations from FreightWaves readers, many of whom are industry leaders and experts. Readers submitted over 500 nominations for over 200 unique companies across 31 U.S. states this year. The FreightWaves editorial and research teams narrowed those nominations down to the top 100 companies.

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  43. TriumphPay announces Integration with Hubtran for Paperwork and Submission and Approval Process

    TriumphPay and HubTran to host webinar on August 11, 2020 to demonstrate the integration TrumphPay, the nexus of billing and payments in the transportation industry, today announced its platform is now fully integrated with HubTran, a leading transportation industry automation platform. The integration allows carries to get paid faster by…

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  44. Upcoming Webinar: Expediting the Payment Lifecycle

    TriumphPay recently partnered with HubTran to further complete the paperwork cycle and expedite paperwork processing so carriers can get paid faster. With TriumphPay and HubTran, a carrier can submit paperwork, have it approved by the broker, and be paid QuickPay in as little as a few minutes. In this webinar, we…

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  45. Coronavirus Alters Priorities: Liquidity Becomes Key Risk for Shippers

    The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the freight market and supply chains as a whole in a number of ways, causing spikes in demand for essential items and leading consumers to shop for most of these goods online. This market volatility has also created issues around liquidity for a number of…

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  46. Jordan Graft speaks with Craig Fuller on Fuller Speed Ahead

    In this episode of Fuller Speed Ahead, FreightWaves Founder and CEO Craig Fuller speaks with TriumphPay President Jordan Graft about changing how payments are sent and received in the transportation industry.

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  47. BluJay Partners with TriumphPay to Streamline Payment Process for Shippers and Carriers

    New partnership aims to cut costs attached to carrier payment processing and provide quick payment options Holland, MI – June 9, 2020 BluJay Solutions, a leading provider of global supply chain software and services, today announces a solution and tech partnership with TriumphPay, the nexus of billing and…

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  48. Trinity Logistics and TriumphPay Partner to Streamline the Carrier Payment Process

    Dallas – May 28, 2020 TriumphPay announced today that it has entered into a new partnership with Seaford, Delaware-based Trinity Logistics to provide real-time visibility into its brokerage payment services. Trinity Logistics will leverage TriumphPay’s payment processing platform to further automate and improve efficiencies in its brokerage network, offering a…

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  49. Schneider Upgrades Carrier Payment Process with Pairing of TriumphPay and Transflo

    Green Bay, Wisconsin– April 28, 2020 Schneider (NYSE: SNDR), a premier provider of trucking, intermodal and logistics services, has implemented more options to improve the carrier experience by adding capabilities from TriumphPay, a payment processing platform for brokers and shippers, and Transflo, a leading business process automation and digital communications…

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  50. TriumphPay announces strategic partnership with US Xpress

    TriumphPay, a leading provider of carrier and vendor payment solutions, announced today a new strategic partnership with U.S. Xpress, the nation’s fifth largest asset-based truckload carrier by revenue. Through the partnership, TriumphPay will provide U.S. Xpress with real-time visibility through its proprietary payment portal and streamlined carrier payment services. TriumphPay…

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  51. TriumphPay and McLeod Software Announce Integration

    With integration, brokers can increase their QuickPay revenue, drive carrier loyalty, and improve back-office efficiency. TriumphPay, a leading provider of carrier and vendor payment solutions and McLeod Software, a supplier of transportation management and trucking software for carriers, brokers, and third-party logistics providers (3PLs), announced today an integration of TriumphPay’s…

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  52. How Technology Can Help Drive Carrier Loyalty – FreightWaves Webinar

    As the freight industry becomes more tech-friendly, carriers are adopting technology solutions to streamline their business operations. However, technology adoption is critical for brokers as well to ensure they are meeting the expectations of their carrier partners and building loyal, lasting relationships with them. FreightWaves partnered with TriumphPay for this…

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  53. Making Your Brokerage More Efficient – FreightWaves Webinar

    Technology has begun to change the way that freight brokerage companies operate. With data capture, workflow management and automation tools now available, many companies are seeing creating greater levels of transparency, efficiency and ROI. However, many companies are still using manual paperwork and processes, which often draw out the overall…

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  54. TriumphPay Wins Best in Show at Transparency19

    TriumphPay’s Jordan Graft and Melissa Forman showcased where the future of payments is headed at Transparency19 in Atlanta this May. Carriers and brokers can look forward to many new features from TriumphPay coming soon.

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  55. The Current State of Carrier Payments – FreightWaves Webinar

    If you couldn’t make the webinar this week, here is a recording. The payment process can present a number of challenges within the freight industry, from dealing with errors in invoices to managing and protecting the sensitivity of the data they contain. As a result, many companies opt to outsource…

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  56. What Does Your Quickpay Program Say About You?

    In a tight capacity market, how you pay your carriers is crucial to maintaining a loyal carrier base and capitalizing on the current rate environment. While 60% of brokers offer some form of QuickPay, overall QuickPay penetration in the industry is less than 10% while factored loads inches closer to…

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  57. Catch Up with TriumphPay at the TIA Capital Ideas Conference & Exhibition

    The TIA Capital Ideas Conference and Exhibition is just a week away. TriumphPay will be located at booth #508 in the exhibit hall. Here’s a list of all the ways you can catch up with the TriumphPay team at #TIA2019con: EVP of Payment Solutions Jordan Graft will speak on…

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  58. Supply Chain Finance Veteran Melissa Forman-Barenblit Joins TriumphPay as Senior Vice President and Chief Operations Officer

    TriumphPay is pleased to announce today appointment of Melissa Forman-Barenblit to the roles of Senior Vice President and Chief Operations Officer. In this role, Forman-Barenblit will focus on improving internal operations, expanding business development efforts, and developing the TriumphPay brand and positioning in the freight industry. “We are delighted to…

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  59. Transportation Industry Vet Mitch Hixon Joins TriumphPay as Vice President, Business Development

    TriumphPay, a leading provider of carrier and vendor payment solutions, announced today the appointment of Mitch Hixon to the newly created role of Vice President, Business Development. In this role, Hixon will focus on marketing TriumphPay’s financing and vendor payment solutions to the top 100 Brokers and intermediary businesses with…

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  60. TriumphPay Surpasses 100 clients

    TriumphPay, a leading provider of carrier and vendor payment solutions to the supply chain industry, now has more than 100 brokerages using its payment processing solution. “First and foremost, we are grateful to the 3PL companies that have placed their trust in TriumphPay to manage their carrier payment process,” said…

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  61. TriumphPay and MercuryGate announce integration and strategic partnership

    Dallas, Texas — Oct. 15, 2018 TriumphPay, a leading provider of carrier and vendor payment solutions and MercuryGate, a global provider of cloud-based transportation management solutions, announced today a strategic partnership and integration of TriumphPay’s carrier payment processing platform with MercuryGate’s Transportation Management System. The integration allows shippers and brokers,…

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  62. TriumphPay and Intelligent Audit Announce Partnership to Link Supply Chain Financing and Transportation Spend Optimization Solutions

    Dallas And Rochelle Park, N.J. (PRWEB) October 09, 2018 TriumphPay, a leading provider of carrier payment, factor management, supply chain finance solutions and Intelligent Audit, a leader in freight audit, business intelligence analytics, and transportation spend optimization solutions, announced today a new partnership. The companies, which process a…

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  63. Image for TriumphPay Wins Best in Show at Transparency18

    TriumphPay Wins Best in Show at Transparency18

    TriumphPay, the logistics industry ultimate carrier payment processor, received “Best in Show” accolades at the inaugural Transparency18 logistics conference, which took place May 21-23 in Atlanta, GA. Representing TriumphPay were Jordan Graft, EVP Payments, and John Shields, Chief Technology Officer. The 7-minute demonstration featured a standard spot market load from…

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