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How Can I Help

Mike Mangino

February 1, 2022

Making the transition from working at a small startup to a publicly-traded bank has been quite the adjustment. Inside of a startup, there are very few roles. For example, I was the one who ordered laptops for new employees. At TriumphPay, there is a team member who does that. When we needed to review a vendor agreement, I would do it. Here, there is a group that does that. When I joined, I worried that the structure might make it hard to get things done. Four little words have shown me that it isn’t the case: “How can I help?”  

It’s a question I frequently hear from people all over the organization. I hear it when we’re discussing a new report for a customer. I hear it when a team member is having trouble with technology. Even with the well-defined roles, people don’t feel limited. Instead, they recognize that their roles are to guide. They can, and frequently do, step outside their positions’ responsibilities to do the right thing for a customer, for a team member, or for the business. 

Best of all, this willingness to help at Triumph isn’t just limited to work-related tasks. When the Air Force Reserves called up a teammate for deployment, our team quickly covered his work and then sent a care package to his group overseas. Our group is quick to step up whenever somebody needs help. This ethos is part of the company’s culture, as you can see by The Workshop, a maker space built by the bank. 

Many companies talk about values. It’s refreshing to work somewhere that follows through. Recently, my kids’ local school district moved to remote learning due to a lack of teachers. The kids were home for two weeks. I watched as my kids felt demoralized and disconnected during those two weeks. When the school district asked for parents to step up as substitute teachers to keep the schools open, I knew I wanted to help. I didn’t worry for a second about what people at Triumph would say. I knew that they would see that I was stepping up to help those that needed it. When I shared my plan with my team, they just said one thing: “How can we help?” 

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Mike Mangino
About the Author

Mike Mangino

Mike Mangino is the Chief Technology Officer for TriumphPay where he leads the development and dissemination of advanced technologies that improve and increase business for our customers and TriumphPay. Prior to joining TriumphPay, Mike was the Chief Technology Officer for HubTran where he was responsible for designing and building software to automate back-office payables for the transportation industry and built and managed a team of engineers including software development, DevOps and customer support.

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