TriumphPay provides tools for carriers to submit invoices and get paid directly from their broker.

Manage Your Payments

  • Upload Paperwork from Anywhere

    Capture your documents and send them to your broker or back-office admin from anywhere, at any time

  • Visibility Into Your Payment Status

    You have access to the status of your payments in real-time.

  • Easy to Use Invoice Management

    The freedom of knowing how and when you’re paid is as important to us as it is to you.

  • Paying You Fast and Efficiently

    We offer the solutions that get you the money you need, faster than ever.

Select Carrier Program

As a TriumphPay Select Carrier, you’ll experience faster invoice approval times and a dedicated representative. TriumphPay will also help you find and connect to brokers that want to pay you fast. Sign up within your TriumphPay app or portal today.

Join Now

Giving You the Freedom to Grow

With TriumphPay, you’ll see a two-day turnaround on QuickPay terms. Choose QuickPay on an invoice by invoice or broker by broker basis without long-term contracts.

  1. Get Connected

    Accept the invitation from your broker to set up payments through TriumphPay and securely verify your information.

  2. Get Paid

    Choose your default payment term, such as QuickPay or
    Standard Pay.

  3. Payment Options

    Pick from a list of industry-standard payment methods – ACH, Check, and Wire.

Need Help?

For more resources and support options, visit our support page.