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TriumphPay Wins Best in Show at Transparency18


September 1, 2018

TriumphPay, the logistics industry ultimate carrier payment processor, received “Best in Show” accolades at the inaugural Transparency18 logistics conference, which took place May 21-23 in Atlanta, GA. Representing TriumphPay were Jordan Graft, EVP Payments, and John Shields, Chief Technology Officer.

The 7-minute demonstration featured a standard spot market load from rate confirmation through to payment.

“We have an opportunity to fundamentally change what invoicing and payments looks like, ” said Graft. “We waste hundreds of millions dollars between factoring companies, brokers, shippers and carriers trying to do this via email or EDI.”

Other highlights from demo:

  • Shared ledger removes need for images of rate confirmation or invoice submission
  • All transactions instantly added to ledger shared between all parties
  • Simplifies processing of accessorials like detention
  • Invoice submission and approval process with increased transparency
  • Integrates with TriumphPay to offer carriers instant funding options

About TriumphPay

TriumphPay is the logistics industry’s FREE ultimate payment processing tool that allows brokers and shippers to completely outsource their payments process, increase their revenue and retain their top drivers. Since 2004, we’ve made more than 5,000,000 individual payments to 50,000 carriers, and what we’ve learned over and over again is that your QuickPay program matters.

With capacity concerns dominating the industry, carriers expect better payment terms and options. For many brokers and shippers, their QuickPay program hasn’t kept pace with their drivers’ needs and expectations. TriumphPay empowers your drivers to manage their own payments and terms. We ensure they get paid how they want, when they want. Powered by Triumph Business Capital, TriumphPay allows you to offer competitive QuickPays to your carriers, while keeping your payment terms in place.

We integrate with the industry’s top TMS providers, meaning no disruption to your current workflow. You approve the load, we do the rest. Other benefits of TriumphPay:

+ Completely outsource your accounts payable process for no out-of-pocket costs
+ Reduce the amount of calls from factoring companies
+ Free up your team’s time
+ Offer QuickPays with no immediate out-of-pocket expense.