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How Technology Can Help Drive Carrier Loyalty – FreightWaves Webinar


August 8, 2019

As the freight industry becomes more tech-friendly, carriers are adopting technology solutions to streamline their business operations. However, technology adoption is critical for brokers as well to ensure they are meeting the expectations of their carrier partners and building loyal, lasting relationships with them.

FreightWaves partnered with TriumphPay for this webinar to provide insight into how technology can drive long-term relationships between carriers and brokers. During this hour-long session, Kate Juliao, Vice President of Operations for TriumphPay, and Jordan Graft, Executive Vice President of Payment Solutions for TriumphPay, discussed what carriers expect and which solutions brokers can implement right now to help drive carrier loyalty.

The webinar features insights around:

• Preferred communication methods and technology platforms for carriers
• Technology tools that carriers are using to improve their businesses
• How carriers are using technology to manage their paperwork and payment processing
• How brokers can drive carrier loyalty with technology

Here’s the replay.

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