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The Learning Curve: How Phoenix Capital Group Re-Tooled Their Operation Around TriumphPay Audit


July 11, 2024

At a Glance

Company Name:
Phoenix Capital Group 

Scottsdale, AZ


Phoenix Capital Group (PCG) is focused on providing competitive, cost-effective freight factoring services. As a one-stop transportation services company, PCG offers freight and financial factoring services to independent truck drivers and fleets.  

Independent truck drivers can receive access to freight bill factoring services, non-recourse freight factoring services, a private EFS fuel card program, equipment financing, and a free online load board through PCG. 

PCG partners with businesses of all sizes to help simplify and enhance transportation operations and provide excellent freight factoring rates. 

The Challenges: 

Before Phoenix Capital Group (PCG) implemented TriumphPay, they had hit their limits for scalability. As their client base improved, PCG needed to be efficient and accurate at scale. 

PCG leverages three back-office processing departments; Inbox, OCR, and database.  

Initially, even with TriumphPay, there was a learning curve that existed.  


PCG utilized a departmental back-office operations team but struggled to efficiently move invoices between those departments. PCG needed a solution that would enable them to increase efficiency while maintaining their departmental approach. Their existing OCR process couldn’t keep up with their volume. 


As invoices circulated between departments, accuracy became an issue, bogging down efficiency, and forcing manual intervention too frequently. Even initially with TriumphPay, challenges with departmental operations caused errors on 25% of batches processed. They needed to modify their back-office processes to inform TriumphPay’s AI processes to enhance accuracy. 


As PCG’s client base started to improve, their back-office processes needed to be structured for scale. To do that, they needed an adaptive solution that would increase efficiency and accuracy to match their processes, while reducing manual intervention and the need to substantially grow their teams. 

“The dynamism within the TriumphPay Audit portal has allowed operations to grow, be better supported, and become incredibly accurate. Before TriumphPay, I ran mandatory Sunday overtime for two years. As of today, I haven’t run mandatory overtime in two and a half years.” 

James Bacon, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Phoenix Capital Group 

The Actions: 


  • To successfully tailor the TriumphPay Audit solution to PCG’s departmental model, PCG worked with TriumphPay to cross-train their departments on processing workflows on what steps needed to be taken to operate efficiently. 
  • Before TriumphPay, PCG would have around 400 exception emails sitting in their inbox daily. PCG worked with clients to send those exceptions into the TriumphPay portal. Exceptions that used to sit within the exception inbox for up to three hours are processed with increased accuracy within 75 minutes of submission.


  • Upon implementing TriumphPay, accuracy was a problem. PCG worked with TriumphPay to combine the strengths of PCG’s back-office operational model and TriumphPay Audit. 
  • PCG worked directly with the TriumphPay engineers to modify their initial AI-learned processes to improve efficiency and accuracy. 
  • To improve accuracy, the PCG staff paid attention to some of the errors realized during the initial implementation process to reset the tools AI. 
  • PCG worked with TriumphPay to blind copy exceptions to the account executive. With this process, each exception has two sets of eyes on it. This process has aided in catching suspicious behavior and fraud. 


  • To appropriately measure volume, PCG began tracking an employee’s best and average invoice processing time using data from TriumphPay Audit. This allows them to better manage invoice volume and scale their team appropriately. 
  • PCG worked with TriumphPay to add labels and filters to various exceptions. By labeling exceptions, staff with specific skillsets can filter and manage certain exceptions in real-time. This enables efficient processing while ensuring the right people manage the right exceptions. This process has allowed PCG to improve accuracy and reduce fraud without having to add in-house staff.  

The Results: 

Data provided by Phoenix Capital Group

Scalability99% of PCG invoices are processed through Audit Portal
Through successful application of TriumphPay Audit, all departments involved in processing invoices work cross-departmentally to process invoices. This has led to significant scalability, efficiency, and accuracy improvements. 

Efficiency3,500 invoices processed daily 
By injecting AI, centralizing workflows, and cross training their team, PCG has successfully utilized 20 to 25 employees all working within TriumphPay Audit to more efficiently and accurately process invoices.  

Accuracy – Less than 1% invoice processing error rate 
PCG worked with TriumphPay to improve operational processes, personalize the tool to those processes, and re-tool TriumphPay’s AI to help improve batch accuracy. The results were significant accuracy improvement and powerful operational optimization. 

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