TriumphPay and McLeod Software Announce Integration


August 20, 2019

With integration, brokers can increase their QuickPay revenue, drive carrier loyalty, and improve back-office efficiency.

TriumphPay, a leading provider of carrier and vendor payment solutions and McLeod Software, a supplier of transportation management and trucking software for carriers, brokers, and third-party logistics providers (3PLs), announced today an integration of TriumphPay’s carrier payment processing platform with McLeod Software’s PowerBroker.

Robert Brothers, Product Manager for McLeod Software says, “Partnering with TriumphPay to provide a best in class payment solution for our PowerBroker customers is a win-win. The interface will empower our PowerBroker users to take advantage of lower cost QuickPay offerings by providing a secure and efficient integrated carrier settlement solution. We see the partnership with TriumphPay having benefits for McLeod Software, PowerBroker users and TriumphPay.”

“We are excited to be partnering with McLeod and their best-in-class TMS platform,” said Jordan Graft, Executive Vice President, TriumphPay.  “TriumphPay seeks to revolutionize payments in brokered freight by creating efficiencies for brokers and a better payment experience for carriers. The partnership between TriumphPay and McLeod will be a major catalyst in digitizing and streamlining carrier payments in the transportation industry.”

The integration creates a seamless process to help brokers better pay their carriers and leverages the core features of McLeod’s PowerBroker carrier payment interface. Features of the integration will include the ability for brokers to offer low QuickPay rates to carriers; automatically process payment information within McLeod PowerBroker to settlements; receive notification from carriers when payments have been accepted; and view TriumphPay payment status, including transactional information.

“Triumph has over a decade of experience working with and paying tens of thousands of carriers,” Graft said. “This extensive experience in the space has allowed us to create a carrier payment platform that is easy for carriers to use and gives them control over their money and payments, creating a much-needed solution in the freight industry.”