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In Her Own Words: Melissa Forman looks out for truck drivers


June 10, 2022

The pandemic turned front-line workers into everyday heroes. Some, however, received less attention than others. Melissa Forman understands truckers and literally helps them keep rolling.

“When the pandemic first hit, we all appreciated the workers on the frontlines of Covid, including the doctors and nurses, the store associates at those retailers that were deemed essential, among other professions. And all of that attention they rightfully deserved. But there were also thousands of workers that continued to do their job every day that slipped under the radar…truck drivers.

While this profession has always been very stressful — days and nights on the road alone, being away from family and friends, missing holidays and birthdays — the pandemic added another layer of stress to their jobs. Most stores were closed, so how did we all shop? We ordered everything online, from coffee, to face masks, to even groceries. The significant jump in online shopping of course led to a significant jump in packages and deliveries. Therefore, truck drivers became busier than ever before – and this is in the face of a major labor shortage in the industry.

To make matters even more dire, the payments process for truck drivers includes countless phone calls and back-office delays that contribute to the current industry standard of a 30-day payment cycle. That means that truckers need to put up their own money at the fuel pump and they don’t receive their payment for more than a month. And with the price of fuel hitting record prices, this significantly compounds the issue for truckers — and underscores the importance of TriumphPay’s open payments network so truckers can get paid in near real-time.