Ascend + TriumphPay

TriumphPay has partnered with AscendTMS the leading TMS for carriers to provide your carriers with a new option to submit their invoices.

Any client of yours that is registered in AscendTMS can now submit their paperwork directly from AscendTMS into the TPay Audit Portal. For Debtors that are on the TriumphPay Payments network, we will automatically route purchased invoices to them through the network – This line would not apply to Factors that are currently eligible to join the Payment Network and should not be included for them.

AscendTMS is a multi-tenant cloud based TMS that services 34,600+ companies (carriers, brokers and 3PLs) and is rated #1 on all major review websites. AscendTMS’s document management features enable a carrier to easily scan, collect and doctype load documents. You will receive paperwork that is better organized and will reduce your processing burden.

What you need to do to signup:
Agree to receive paperwork from your clients from AscendTMS by clicking on the CTA
Provide us a logo that your clients can view in AscendTMS.

How it works:
 After you agree to receive paperwork via Ascend, we will activate you in Ascend. On activation, your name and logo will be visible to any of your clients that are active in AscendTMS. You will only be visible to carriers that are your clients in the TPay Audit Portal. 

Once the Carrier is successfully connected to you, they can select one or more invoices, add documents, and submit them.
The invoices will appear in your portal for your processors to work on, just like any other invoices that you receive through your existing channels.

This offering provides a new avenue for delivering world class service to your clients and simplifying your operations.

Opt In to Ascend TMS